Eleven things

I am inspired by a blog post here about 11 things we are grateful for on the 11/11/11. I know the moment has passed, and today is 16th of November but I figured why not? It will be another reminder how lucky I am despite of my occasional envy and jealousy toward people’s live.So here they are, my eleven things I am grateful for:

  1. I have enough savings and investment that I guard with my life. Some people may think it is not that much but I built it with my own work, sweat, tears blood and all that efforts. I dream to have a house of my own in the future. It will not be a big spacious one but it will be mine and I can decorate it as I wish, I am working to get it into my reach so it will not stay only as a dream.
  2. I live a relatively fuss free life. I have a job that pays me enough, family that’s intact, parents who never ask me ‘when’ while other nosily asking when will I get hitched (like I am going to let them know?), a roof over my head.
  3. I have my health. This is very important as I realize I cannot accomplish anything in my life without health backing me up. I maintain my health by eating healthily, resting sufficiently, nurturing my mind and soul with good books and movie, joining religious class. Human needs to be recharged once in a while after all.
  4. I have consciousness. I am responsible with my environment and the Earth I live in. I recycle, I never toss rubbish inappropriately, I take public transportation though I can buy my own vehicle.
  5. I have the ability to share. I believe that giving will grant more blessing and barakah. I believe than zakat is my way to share with underprivileged people. I believe giving will yield more.
  6. I have wonderful friends. People I can share my heart with without being pretentious. Girls I can meet up for occasional Burger King times or early mall visit for breakfast, and of course who are willing to lend me books or DVDs for months without nagging me to return it.
  7. Currently, I am going to include him as one thing I am grateful for. He brightens my day, makes me smile and I love it that he loves me.
  8. Books. I am grateful for Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books sitting in my book shelves for years so I can grab and read it anytime I am feeling nostalgic. I grew up with this series.
  9. Technology. What would life be without it? Just recently I had trouble sending big size file to my work colleague and I remember that there is a site that allows me to send big size file without email. Easy peasy. Thank also God for unstoppable entertainment from TV and Internet to our life! How we sort it out is another thing though. technology also allows us to have information on the tip of our fingers.
  10. Sun. With experience living abroad where low temperature is so casual, I cannot thank enough for morning warmth from the tropical sun above this country. Sometimes I detested it but then I was reminded how I used to hate walking on frozen dirt. Ick!
  11. Born as a Muslim. There will be so many things related with this fact but now just to conclude it, I am grateful I am a Muslim woman. There are many challenges faced by Muslims today, especially in this country – though it is known as one with the second biggest muslim population –  but I believe we will cope the obstacles. I believe someday people will know that this religion is not always about violence, polygamy and those horrible things people said.

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